• Casket Personalization

    We offer families the opportunity to create their own personalized caskets.

  • Dove Release

    A creative way to say goodbye and will leave lasting memories for family and friends.

  • Remembrance Keepsakes

    Keepsakes enable family members to create personal tributes that last a lifetime.

  • Memory Tables

    We can assemble a display of cherished and personal possessions to tell the story of a life.

  • Military Honors

    We can arrange for your loved one to be commemorated with special military observances.

  • Picture Boards

    We can arrange all of your special items on a picture board, creating a beautiful collage.

  • Remembrance Jewelry

    Jewelry keepsakes allow the memory of a loved one to be cherished forever.

  • Online Remembrance

    We offer the opportunity and tools to create their own commemorative web site.

  • Online Obituaries

    We offer families the ability to post the story of a life lived on the Internet.

There are many ways to personalize your funeral. We believe your service should be a celebration of life, honoring everything you stood for. We can release doves toward the heavens, play bagpipes or taps at the graveside, hand out seeds to your favorite flower, or design a tribute video with your pictures and favorite songs. Whatever your wishes, we can arrange it.

We are devoted to serving your family with integrity, honesty and respect for your individual preferences. Let us help celebrate your loved one’s life in the best way possible through personalization.