At Goodwin Family Funeral Home, we aim to provide Vincennes families with the highest level of personal attention, while executing all arrangements flawlessly. We consider it our job to help you tell the story of a life. To do so, we will provide your family with touching and personal service options that honor your traditions and wishes.

Goodwin Family Funeral Home will work with you to take care of every aspect of a service. We offer high-quality options in everything from transportation and floral arrangements to aftercare services. Our staff is even prepared to support families in special situations If a death has occurred away from home, we can help arrange a funeral service as well as ensure your loved one is brought home as safely and as soon as possible.

We are committed to honoring all veterans with memorial military tributes upon request. Contact our staff to learn about our special veteran benefits and discounts.

You can trust Goodwin Family Funeral Home to tell your loved one’s story.